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Cash management

JOINT STOCK COMPANY INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT BANK offers a set of cash management services, and namely:
Account opening and maintenance
By opening a current account, our private clients gain access to all principal financial services. Customers can hold current accounts in national or foreign currencies (US Dollar, Euro, Pounds, Franks, Yen, and Rouble). Clients may be informed on transactions performed on their accounts by means of account statements upon their request. The original statements can be picked up personally at the Bank or sent via email to the address specified by a customer.

Having opened an account in a local currency with our Bank, you have an opportunity to perform non cash settlements according to your needs: payments for purchase of goods, for tuition or loan repayment etc.
International payments
You also have a possibility to perform transfers in foreign currency according to your needs. Full and detailed information regarding international money transfers may be obtained at the Private Banking Department (see Contact Information).
Payments without account opening
Even if you don’t have an account with our Bank, you are still able to execute and receive your transfer in cash (both within Ukraine as well as an international money transfer, both in local and foreign currencies).
Cash operations
You will receive a full package of cash services in main currencies: hryvna, US dollars and Euro:
  • Cash placement
  • Cash withdrawal 
  • Currency exchange
Forex operations
    The Bank offers different ways of exchanging one currency to another
  • Purchase and sale of non-cash foreign currency
  • Conversion of cash or non-cash foreign currency to another foreign currency
Please be aware that this sphere of banking activities is strictly regulated by the National bank of Ukraine; therefore changes in the Bank’s capability to execute certain foreign currency operations are possible. Information on advantages or restrictions of each form of the above mentioned operations may be obtained at the Private Banking Department.
Internet banking
By means of the electronic banking system you may get current information on the balance on your accounts and currency exchange rates of the National bank of Ukraine, enter payment orders in local and foreign currencies, applications for purchase, sale and conversion of non-cash foreign currency (in compliance with the current legislation), exchange important information with the Bank via electronic messages.
Non-resident loan servicing
According to the current legislation of Ukraine residents of Ukraine may receive credits, loans, including a revolving financial assistance in foreign currency for designated purposes under agreements from non-residents. All operations under these agreements must be executed through an authorized bank, which agreed to service operations under the agreement. Our employees have a wide experience in servicing the above mentioned loans and will be glad to accept your loan for servicing.
Account opening and maintenance for foreign investors
In accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation private individuals, non-residents, who are planning to carry out their investment activities in Ukraine, must open non-resident investor accounts. An object of investment may be any property, including fixed assets, tangible or intangible assets, corporate rights, securities and their derivatives, other property rights, investments in which are not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.

Natalia S. Orlova
Head of Retail Banking Division
Phone:   0 44 351 70 79
0 44 593 74 99 (ext. 1179)
Fax:    0 44 351 79 37
Email:   Natalia.Orlova@ii-bank.com.ua

Natalia L. Bosak
Head of Private Banking Department
Phone:   0 44 351 79 35
0 44 364 74 95
Fax:    0 44 351 79 37
Email:   Natalia.Bosak@ii-bank.com.ua

Rate of exchange at the Cash desk of the Head Office as of:
09:00 17.09.2021
  Currency   buy     sale  
  USD 26,600 26,800
  EUR 31,250 31,700
  GBP 36,300 37,200
  CHF 28,300 29,200
  RUR 0,300 0,390
  USD 26,6672
  EUR 31,3700
  GBP 36,8674
  CHF 28,8154
  RUR 0,3681
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