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The bank metals

JOINT STOCK COMPANY INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT BANK offers its customers the opportunity to buy bank metal in bars. Bank metals have always been a reliable, stable and profitable way to invest. Gold was the oldest internationally recognized monetary unit, a measure of values. It increases in price, protecting your money against inflation.

Bank metals are precious metals in bars. Currently, except for gold, a list of precious metals includes silver, palladium, platinum and platinum group metals.

Buying bank metals in bars in our Bank, you:
  • have the opportunity to store large amounts of money in a convenient and compact form;
  • receive effective way of protecting your investment against inflation;
  • expoit the fact that the prices of precious metals tend to increase in the long run;
  • obtain a quality certificate for the purchased bar.

In addition, a bar of precious metal - it's the perfect gift for any occasion.

Contacting us at 16 Lavrska St., Kyiv, you get the opportunity to buy gold in bars weighing from 1 g to 100 g.


Raisa S. Shulyak
Head of Uncommercial transactions Department
Phone:   0 44 351 79 32
0 44 593 74 99 (ext. 1132)
Fax:    0 44 351 79 01
Email:   Raisa.Shulyak@ii-bank.com.ua

Rate of exchange at the Cash desk of the Head Office as of:
09:00 13.10.2021
  Currency   buy     sale  
  USD 26,290 26,420
  EUR 30,300 30,700
  GBP 35,300 36,200
  CHF 27,400 28,700
  RUR 0,300 0,390
  USD 26,3490
  EUR 30,4265
  GBP 35,8939
  CHF 28,3460
  RUR 0,3666
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