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Cash management

Account opening and maintenance

By opening a current account, our customers gain access to all principal financial services. Customers can hold current accounts in national or foreign currencies (US Dollar, Euro, Pounds, Franks, Yen, Rouble).

Customers are informed of the transactions performed on their accounts by means of daily account statements.

Furthermore, we offer our customers an option to open temporary accounts for the purpose of depositing their registered capital while creating a new company.

List of documents necessary for opening a current account:

Change the bank account number to the IBAN international number

Due to the introduction of an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in Ukraine, the current account numbers will be changed during the period from August 5, 2019 to October 31, 2019.

During the above-mentioned period in the documents on transfer of funds, the details of "Bank code" and "Account" can be filled in any variations.

Thus, in the documents on transfer of funds in the details of the payer / receiver can be filled in as the current ("old") number of the payer / payer account and the code of the payer's / payer's bank as well as the changed ("new") account number of the payer / receiver according to the IBAN standard. In case of filling in the account number of the payer / recipient according to the IBAN standard, it is necessary to specify “zero” in the "Payer / Payer Bank Code".

From November 1, 2019, only the "new" account number of the payer / receiver account according to the IBAN standard should be indicated in the transfer documents.

In this case, the change of the account number is not accompanied by the introduction of amendments to the relevant agreement (a bank account agreement / bank deposit agreement, etc.).

We suggest our Clients having an account at the Bank to visit the Bank (Bank Branches) for obtaining the information on the changed ("new") numbers of their accounts.



Having opened an account in local currency with our Bank, our customers have possibility to increase effectiveness of their business due to timely processed payment settlements with their partners holding accounts with the same or different Ukrainian banks.

Payment order in national currency


International payments are subject to strict foreign currency control and require the submission of relevant sets of documents to the Bank.

Payment order in foreign currency

Cash operations

Clients receive a full package of cash services by current accounts of their legal entities: depositing and withdrawal of cash in national and foreign currencies (US Dollar and Euro), receiving payments from individuals with no account opened to an account with our or other Ukrainian banks, making non-cash payments using cash funds credited to their accounts whithin the same day, issue of checkbooks.

Check operations

The Bank plans to start performing operations with checks in the near future.

For Ex operations

Qualitative servicing is a priority direction of JSC IIB activities. The Bank carries out the following operations:

  • Purchase of FCY
  • Sale of FCY
  • Conversion of FCY to FCY

Employees of the Bank will provide you with full and comprehensive consultation on the currency legislation.

Electronic Banking

With the help of electronic banking client software any client may receive the latest information on his accounts, the NBU rates, send payment orders in national and foreign currencies and applications for purchase, sale or exchange of foreign currencies. The program enables the exchange of important information with the Bank via electronic messages.

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Non-resident loans servicing

Highly skilled specialists of Currency control department consult clients and perform non-resident loans servicing

Accounts opening and maintenance for foreign investors

The Bank opens account for foreign investors – non-resident legal entities, which are established according to the legislation of other countries and are performing their investment activities in Ukraine as well as for returns of foreign investments, profits and other investor funds. 

SWIFT account statements

In addition to usual statements, which you may receive directly at the Bank or via iFobs electronic banking system, our Bank offers a service of sending MT950 format statements via the S.W.I.F.T system. You may choose this service if your subsidiary company has to report on its account turnovers to a parent company located abroad.


Elena V. Gavrilenko
Head of Corporate Customer Service Department
Phone:   0 44 351 79 25
0 44 593 74 99 (ext. 1125)
Fax:    0 44 351 79 27
Email:   Elena.Gavrilenko@ii-bank.com.ua

Rate of exchange at the Cash desk of the Head Office as of:
09:00 19.09.2019
  Currency   buy     sale  
  USD 24,500 24,670
  EUR 27,050 27,400
  GBP 29,800 30,700
  CHF 24,300 25,000
  RUR 0,330 0,400
  USD 24,6699
  EUR 27,2676
  GBP 30,7344
  CHF 24,7910
  RUR 0,3829
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