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Transactions in the securities market

Organization of production and placement of securities:
  • development of the optimal structure and parameters of the bond issue that meets the market conditions and customer needs;
  • preparation of the prospectus (the decision to issue the bonds) in accordance with all requirements GKTSPFR;
  • preparation of investment memorandum, presentation materials, organization of presentations to the placement of a wide range of investors;
  • support of the client in obtaining an international code of securities in the NDU, credit rating, the securities account of the issuer of the depository PJSC "Interregional Stock Union";
  • an initial public offering of bonds, assuming an obligation to repurchase a certain part of the bond issue or all unplaced bonds to investors within a specified period;
  • market-maker bonds (bonds support the listing on the stock exchange, the issuer liquidity support bonds by exhibiting two-way prices in the secondary market);
  • advising clients on the securities market as a whole, as well as quotes for bonds of certain issuers;
  • payment agent bonds (payment of interest income, amortization of bonds).
Securities trading:
  • comprehensive brokerage services for stock market - buy / sell securities on behalf of clients;
  • conducting the exchange and OTC transactions with its own securities portfolio of the bank;
  • consulting and information services in the stock market;
  • placement of liquidity through repo operations of the bank.

For activities on the stock market JSC IIB is a member of the following organizations:
PFTS Stock Exchange;
Association "Ukrainian stock traders" (UFT);
Stock Exchange "The Ukrainian market".

Oleksandr O Konotopets
Treasury Division
Phone:      0 44 351 79 20
0 44 364 74 93
Fax:   0 44 351 79 43
Email:   Alexander.Konotopets@ii-bank.com.ua

Dmitry M. Bugorsky
Specialist of Securities Department
Phone:   0 44 351 79 39
0 44 364 74 93
Fax:    0 44 351 79 43
Email:   Dmitry.Bugorsky@ii-bank.com.ua

Rate of exchange at the Cash desk of the Head Office as of:
09:00 26.02.2021
  Currency   buy     sale  
  USD 27,870 27,970
  EUR 33,500 34,050
  GBP 37,000 39,100
  CHF 30,500 31,000
  RUR 0,300 0,380
  USD 27,9301
  EUR 34,1459
  GBP 39,4946
  CHF 30,8177
  RUR 0,3778
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