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On On September 29, 2020 the rating agency Credit-Rating decided to renew the rating of JOINT STOCK COMPANY INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT BANK. According to the decision the long-term credit rating of JSC IIB was confirmed at uaBBB+ level by the National Rating Scale, outlook - stable.
The above rating is ranked at the investment level under the National Rating Scale.
The Borrower rated uaBBB+ is characterized with the SUFFICIENT credit worthiness compared to other Ukrainian borrowers. The level of creditworthiness is affected by various business, financial and economic conditions. The stable outlook indicates that there are no reasons to change the rating during a year.

JSC IIB payment cards and money transfer support service
Phone:   0 44 351 79 59
0 44 364 74 99
Email:   cardsbusiness@ii-bank.com.ua

Rate of exchange at the Cash desk of the Head Office as of:
09:00 16.01.2021
  Currency   buy     sale  
  USD 28,050 28,300
  EUR 33,900 34,350
  GBP 36,900 38,550
  CHF 30,900 31,900
  RUR 0,300 0,390
  USD 28,0524
  EUR 34,0121
  GBP 38,2242
  CHF 31,5852
  RUR 0,3816
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